Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Tortosa

In the Chamber of Commerce of Tortosa "We Count On You" so that you can take advantage of it as a tool to improve your competitiveness

The Chamber of Commerce of Tortosa is a century-old institution integrated by entrepreneurs from all economic sectors of its demarcation to serve the same entrepreneurs that integrate it. Created in 1908 with a will and commitment of service to the company of the lands of the south of Catalonia, it has adapted throughout all these years to the demands of the different economic and legal conjunctures.

Today, this will and commitment to service to the company is maintained and adapted to both the current needs of companies and the new regulatory framework of Law 4/2014. Thus this service of the Chamber of Commerce of Tortosa is carried out from two distinct slopes: the direct service towards the company focused to the satisfaction of a particular interest of the company; And the indirect, more diffused and more institutional service focused on the satisfaction and defense of the general interests of commerce, industry and navigation in the districts of Baix Ebre, Montsià and the municipalities of Rasquera and Ginestar.

Both services are covered by the main asset we have forged throughout our history: the cameral network. The same name of chamber of commerce and the worldwide network of other chambers of commerce is a fundamental tool, recognized internationally, that opens many doors to new markets so that it is a guarantee of seriousness, confidence, and, above all, of work well Made and business success. At the Chamber of Commerce of Tortosa "We count on you" so you can take advantage of it as a tool to improve your competitiveness.